2018 Vice Presidential Election Candidate

Jonathan Reinhardt

Professional Statement

I am honored to be nominated to be Vice-President of CALICO. I have been involved with CALICO since 2000, when the conference was held at the University of Arizona, now my place of employment. Every conference since then has shown me that the premier quality of CALICO is to continually evolve and redefine itself in response to the social, cultural, and technological changes that impact language learning and teaching. We have moved past questions on whether CALL is better than non-CALL and now recognize that computer-assisted is the everyday norm of language use for many (though not all) of our students, and that new technology-enhanced L2 literacies, genres, and contexts are not replacing old ones, but are joining them. We have welcomed new theories and methodologies from a range of fields because they help us adapt to new realities of CALL practice. Besides language teachers and academic reseachers, our conferences have brought programmers, developers, and publishers together to explore answers to questions that new practices have raised. Conferences have become truly welcoming and engaging places to learn and collaborate, and our journal has become a prominent venue for top research in the field.

If elected, I will work with the President and the Board to support the organizational practices that have sustained CALICO—that it welcomes new members and ideas and that it adapts to new realities and practices of language education. Specifically, I support continued encouragement of graduate student participation, maintenance of ties with organizations like ACTFL, AAAL, and EuroCALL, support of CALL content in regional conferences, and strengthening of relationships to the growing commercial CALL industry. I will support the unique capacity of CALICO, as the premier North American academic CALL organization, to continue informing foreign language educational practices as they evolve into the future.


Jonathon Reinhardt (PhD, Penn State) is Associate Professor of English Applied Linguistics, Director of the MATESL Program, and Affiliate Faculty in the PhD in SLAT program at the University of Arizona. His research focuses on the technology-enhanced teaching and learning, especially with digital gaming and social media, of a variety of languages. He has presented widely on the subject, and his work appears in various handbooks, encyclopedias, edited volumes, and journals of the field. He sits on the boards of CALICO Journal and Language Learning and Technology, for which he also serves as book review editor.

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