2021 Vote on Bylaws Revisions

Summary of proposed changes to the bylaws:

The current CALICO board has agreed on the following four changes to the organization bylaws which need to be ratified by the membership.

Change #1

Article 4- Affiliates

We propose to remove the first condition in Article 4.1 for an organization to apply for affiliation. In the global world of today, this condition highly restricts possible affiliations.

Application (Article 4.1)

4.1. Bona fide organizations having 25 or more members may apply for affiliation with CALICO under the following conditions:

  1.   The applying organization, hereinafter designated the applicant, should have a  homogeneous geographical membership area such as a country, state, province, or metropolitan area.
  2.   All members of the Executive Committee or other governing board of the applicant must be members of CALICO.
  3.   The applicant must have a constitution providing for continuity of personnel within the administration of the group, or a permanent executive secretary. A copy of this constitution shall accompany the application for affiliation.
  4.   The goals and purposes of the applying organization are in harmony with those of CALICO.

Change #2

Succession of Voting Officers (Article 6.6)

We are proposing to change the Vice-President and President terms from one to two years, and change the Past President term to become an ex officio member of the board. Rationale: The new two-year term will allow the Vice President and President to implement and complete initiatives that the board approve, which is not possible right now in a one-year term. The current Vice President has agreed to serve for two years as President and the incoming Vice President has also agreed to serve for two years if the members approve this change. The Past President may also serve up to two years as an ex officio member of the board.

Change #3

Treasurer (6.2, 6.16)

We are proposing to create a new non-voting member position in the board: Treasurer. Rationale: Other similar organizations have a similar position. This person would help CALICO’s Administrative Manager with the finances and CALICO would have another person with knowledge of the organization’s finances in case the Administrative Manager is unavailable. As proposed,

The Treasurer will:

  1. Assist the Administrative Manager in preparing financial statements showing the Organization’s assets, liabilities, and net worth at the end of the three (3) most recent fiscal years, as well as a financial statement showing the Organization’s income and expenses for the three (3) most recent fiscal years.
  2. Maintain correspondence and keep track of payments from affiliated publishers.

Change #4

We have also made the language gender neutral throughout the Bylaws when possible.

If you’d like, you can view the full bylaws.

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