2023 Vice Presidential Election

This year we have a candidate running unopposed for the office of vice president.  In such a case you are given the option on the ballot to vote for the individual and affirm you approve the candidate or, if you do not approve, you have the option to vote that you oppose the candidate.  A majority of votes in opposition will prompt new nominations and a new ballot.  Please see below for the nominee’s statements to get to know her better.

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Regina Kaplan-Rakowski

Professional Statement

As a nominee for CALICO Vice President, I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to continue serving a community that has become like a family to me. Over the last decade, I have been fortunate to have productive collaborations and beautiful friendships with CALICO members, thanks to their inclusive, open-minded, and fun-loving nature.

If elected, I would prioritize the support of graduate students and early-career scholars by introducing a systematic mentoring program that fosters collaboration among CALICO members. This mentorship program would involve regular interactions between mentors and mentees, beyond the annual conference meet-up. Happy Hour options (online and offline) would be available.

Another priority would be to expand CALICO’s outreach and strengthen its membership by building a solid bridge with general education associations (e.g., AECT, AERA), and also with sister associations on other continents, particularly in Europe and Asia. By constructing a diverse, international community of CALL scholars, CALICO can continue to be a leading voice in the field.

In addition, I suggest the implementation of a practice that has been successful in other organizations: publishing peer-reviewed short papers derived from CALICO presentations. This practice would serve a dual purpose of efficiently disseminating the latest research and providing opportunities for members to highlight their work. Furthermore, it could attract new members who seek a platform to showcase their research.

As a recent Chair of the Immersive Realities SIG, I have been increasingly committed to the overall growth of CALICO. By serving on the CALICO executive board, I would be able to better support the community and build upon its legacy of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation. Thank you for considering my nomination for CALICO Vice President.


Dr. Regina Kaplan-Rakowski is an assistant professor of Learning Technologies at the University of North Texas. Her key research interests reside at the intersection of three areas: immersive learning technologies (e.g., virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality), emotional responses to learning technologies, and CALL. Within CALL, she studies how practicing language skills can be facilitated using virtual reality, stereoscopic 3D pictures, 360-degree pictures, and other immersive technologies. She has published in journals such as CALL, System, CALICO, and Educational Technology Research & Development. She serves on the Editorial Board of Educational Technology & Society and the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education.