There are a number of travel options for getting to the University of Illinois including our local airport.   See some of the options below.  If you plan on being a tourist during your time here, getting a rental car from any of the airports would be a great idea.  See bottom of the page for transportation and local maps!

RIDE SHARING!  Because many of you may choose to fly into one of the airports below and rent a car, we’ve added a link to a ride sharing website just for the conference.  Follow the link to either give notice that you can give rides OR to try to find a ride.   Please make sure to check the video tutorial link since the way you put in your information is very important.  Good luck!

CALICO 2018 Ride Sharing:
Video Tutorial for Ride Sharing (Please watch this before signing up!!!)


Local Airport

Willard Airport in Champaign-Urbana

  • 15 minutes to the Illini Union by car
  • Rental cars available
  • Flights from American and United Airlines only, connections in Chicago and Dallas
  • Blissfully short security lines, especially if leaving from here for international flights

Other Air Options

Chicago:  From Chicago airports there are shuttles available (see below), connections available to Union Station for Amtrak to Champaign twice daily each way (see below), or LOTS of rental cars available.   Chicago airports are about 2.5 hours by car from Champaign.

Chicago-O’Hare International Airport

  • shuttle service available to Champaign, see below
  • LOTS of rental cars available
  • Advantage:  Explore Chicago before or after conference!!


  • Chicago area, shuttle service available to Champaign, see below
  • Most of the budget domestic airlines fly here
  • Rental cars available
  • Downside:  To be honest, not the “best” part of town!  I’d choose O’Hare.

Shuttles & Train from Champaign to O’Hare and Midway

Illini Shuttle

  • $27.95 each way (Only O’Hare–does not go to Midway airport)
  • Multiple pick-up locations on campus, including a 5 min walk from Dorm and right next to Illini Union

Peoria Charter

  • $31.00 each way.  Service to both O’Hare and Midway airports in Chicago
  • Multiple pick-up locations including very close to Dorm, Illini Union, and a stop close to the downtown hotel location
  • ALSO has stops at Union Station for trains.

AMTRAK Chicago to Champaign

  • Service twice daily each direction
  • Leaves from Union Station, Chicago and downtown Champaign AMTRAK station
  • various options to get from airports to Union Station
  • Possible downside:  AMTRAK is at the mercy of freight trains, so it sometimes runs late!!!!

Indianapolis International Airport

  • about 2 hours by car from Champaign
  • Rental cars available
  • bus service available, but no direct shuttles
  • Advantage: the freeway connection from IIA to Champaign is quite easy!

Getting around in Champaign-Urbana