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 "Calling on CALL is a valuable addition to any foreign language or second language instructor's library, whether he/she already has an interest in CALL or not. ... Seasoned instructors will be brought up to date on current theories, and new, or preservice, instructors will benefit from highlights of how theory can be applied in instruction. ... The book encourages instructors ... to consider the reality of technology in modern life and provides them with approaches to technology use that are solidly grounded in current pedagogy, practice, and research."

Language Learning & Technology, 11 (1), 2007

"a welcome addition to the recent cluster of new publications in the field of computer-assisted language learning (CALL). ... The stated aim [of the book] of 'teacher-friendliness' becomes evident in the clear emphasis on learning objectives, an emphasis which is used to structure the book and which provides a refreshing change from the more usual structure around application types in CALL."

System, 35 (1), 2007 

Ch. 1 Nike Arnold
Lara Ducate
CALL: Where are we and where do we go from here?
Ch. 2 Christopher Luke Situating CALL in the broader methodological context of foreign language teaching and learning: Promises and possibilities
Ch. 3 Margaret Gonglewski
Stayc DuBravac
Multiliteracy: Second language literacy in the multimedia environment
Ch. 4 Dorothy M. Chun CALL technologies for L2 reading
Ch. 5 Linda C. Jones Listening comprehension in multimedia environments
Ch. 6 Mary Grantham O'Brien Teaching pronunciation and intonation with computer technology
Ch. 7 Liam Murray
Tríona Hourigan
Using micropublishing to facilitate writing in the foreign language
Ch. 8 Zsuzsana I. Abrams From theory to practice: Intracultural CMC in the L2 classroom
Ch. 9 Lara Lomicka Understanding the other: Intercultural exchange and CMC
Ch. 10 Sébastien Dubreil Gaining perspective on culture through CALL
Ch. 11 Nike Arnold Expanding CALL beyond general language classes: The case of courses in language for special purposes
Ch. 12 Nathan T. Carr Computer-based testing: Prospects for innovative assessment
Ch. 13 Philip Hubbard Evaluating CALL software