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Digital Literacies in Foreign and Second Language Education

Editors: Janel Pettes Guikema and Lawrence Williams


ISBN: 978-0-9891208-9-0

Janel Pettes Guikema
Lawrence Williams

Ch. 1

Heather Lotherington
Natalia Ronda

2B or Not 2B? From Pencil to Multimodal Programming: New Frontiers in Communicative Competencies
Ch. 2 Lawrence Williams
Lee B. Abraham
Evan D. Bostelmann
A Survey-driven Study of the Use of Digital Tools for Language Learning and Teaching
Ch. 3 Silvia Benini
Liam Murray
Challenging Prensky's Characterization of Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants in a Real-World Classroom Setting
Ch. 4

Juan Pablo Jiménez-Caicedo
María Eugenia Lozano
Ricardo L. Gómez

Agency and Web 2.0 in Language Learning: A Systematic Analysis of Elementary Spanish Learners' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Motivations about the Use of Blogs for the Development of L2 Literacy and Language Ability
Ch. 5 Malgorzata Kurek
Mirjam Hauck
Closing the Digital Divide: A Framework for Multiliteracy Training
Ch. 6

Lilian Mina

Enacting Identity through Multimodal Narratives: A Study of Multilingual Students

Ch. 7

Jonathon Reinhardt
Chantelle Warner
Kristin Lange

Digital Games as Practices and Texts: New Literacies and Genres in an L2 German Classroom

Ch. 8

Ana Oskoz
Idoia Elola

Integrating Digital Stories in the Writing Class: Toward a 21st-Century Literacy

Ch. 9 Carl S. Blyth Exploring the Affordances of Digital Social Reading for L2 Literacy: The Case of eComma
Ch. 10 Maarit Mutta
Sanna Pelttari
Leena Salmi
Aline Chevalier
Marjut Johansson
Digital Literacy in Academic Language Learning Contexts: Developing Information-seeking Competence
Ch. 11 Martine Peters
Mary Frankoff
New Literacy Practices and Plagiarism: A Study of Strategies for Digital Scrapbooking
Ch. 12 Janel Pettes Guikema
Mandy R. Menke
Preparing Future Foreign Language Teachers: The Role of Digital Literacies