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CALICO graduate student and other interested members,

Foster opportunities for networking, research, and collaborative work among graduate student members and the community of scholars in CALICO.

The first step we have taken in getting connected is to build a Grad Student SIG website that will allow us to accomplish our SIG goals. This website will run in CANVAS (a learning management system) and will be accessible to all CALICO members

We would like to invite you all, especially those of you who are graduate students, to be part of this SIG and take an active role in making it grow professionally, academically, and scholarly. If you are interested in joining, please confirm your interest by contacting Nadia (, so that we can add you to the CALICO Canvas Site. 


2015-2017 Chair: Nadia Jaramillo (

2016-2017: Associate chair: Fabrizio Fornara (

2017 - 2018 Chair: Fabrizio Fornara (

2017 - 2018 Associate Chair:  Farhana Ahmed,


1. Newsletter Editors: Carly Lesoski & Jeffrey Maloney

2. EUROCALL Liaison: Sahar Matar,

3. Research Collaboration: Carly Lesoski & Angelica Amezcua

4. Social media: Jessica Sampurna 

If you are interested in being a member of this SIG and in (co)leading one of the subgroups, contact us anytime. We look forward to getting connected with you all! 


Follow us on Facebook:, and Twitter: #CALICOgrad