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Dear CALL researchers,

We are inviting proposals for the special issue 36.1 of the CALICO Journal to be published in January 2019. With this call for proposals we are looking for (a) guest editor(s). If you are interested in becoming guest editor, please submit a proposal that should include the following rubrics:

(1) name(s) and affiliation(s) of the guest editor(s)

(2) topic of the special issue

(3) rationale for the topic (1 page maximum)

(4) production timeline (containing such dates as deadlines for CfPs,

authors, reviewers, revisions); the complete set of manuscripts for the

issue needs to be submitted to the CJ editors by 31 July 2018

(5) short CV of each guest editor (with particular emphasis on published research on the topic of the special issue and editing experience) (2 pages maximum per guest editor)

(6) draft Call for Papers for the special issue

All proposals will be evaluated by CJ’s editorial board.

Informal enquiries as well as the formal proposal can be sent to the

editors Mathias Schulze and Bryan Smith at

The submission deadline for formal proposals is March 31, 2017.

The special issues of the CALICO Journal present original research on

emerging discourses in CALL and on new developments in its sub-areas.

Recent special issues of the CALICO Journal were:

CJ 34.1 (2017): Sylvéen & Sundqvist: CALL in extracurricular/extramural


CJ 33.1 (2016): Hegelheimer, Dursun, & Li: Automated writing evaluation in

language teaching

CJ 32.3 (2015): Hampel & Stickler: Qualitative and mixed-methods

approaches to research in CALL

CJ 31.1 (2014): Thomas & Peterson: Web 2.0 and language learning

Best wishes

Bryan and Mat

Co-editors, CALICO Journal