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Gamifying Moodle for Interesting and Motivating Courses, Raconte-moi une histoire: Digital Storytelling for Reflective Learning, Collaborative Learning Notes Workshop, Language Learners and Coding: Supporting Teacher Awareness and Skills, Discovering Grammar: Inductive Corpus-Based Approaches for Multiple Languages, Creating Interactive Video Lessons with PlayPosit, Using DIIGO, SLACK, and Google Sites in Language Classrooms, Using and Creating Infographics at the Novice-Intermediate Level, Making Sense: Inspiring Learning Through Digital Content Creation and Analysis, Flip your Speaking Activities with Flipgrid!, 3D Construction and Learning Activity Design, Creating Collaborative Google Maps: Augmenting your Place Based Lesson, Corpus-based Language Teaching and Computational Thinking: Two Birds, One Stone?, Basic Online Language Design and Delivery, VidéoTech: une ressource éducative ouverte pour le développement collaboratif d’activités multimédia / VidéoTech: An Open Educational Resource for Collaborative Multimedia Activity Creation