CALL in Limited Contexts


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Ch. 1 Joy Egbert Introduction
Ch. 2 Jeff Nelson Implementing Educational Technology in Rural Columbia
Ch. 3 John P. Madden The XO and CALL in Peru
Ch. 4 Leslie Huff “There’s Too Much Stuff:” Access to Professional Development
Ch. 5 Paolo Rossetti
Jeff Nelson
The Bureaucracy Bypass Machine: Grassroots Technology in the UAE
Ch. 6 Chin-chi Chao
Yu-Feng Diana Yang
Keun Huh
The Path Less Taken: Insights in Teaching Languages Creatively and Teaching Creativity with Technology
Ch. 7 Joanne Sellen Addressing Limited Opportunities for Culturally Relevant CALL Through a Media Literacy Framework
Ch. 8 Levi McNeil From Accelerated to Strategic: Enhancing Computer-Based Free-Reading Practices with Self-Questioning Strategy Instruction
Ch. 9 Karen Yeok-Hwa Ngeow Restricted Internet Access and Censorship: CALL Alternatives and Initiatives
Ch. 10 Vera Menezes
Junia Braga
Imagined Communities: Overcoming the Constraints of Big Classes in Brazil
Ch. 11 Jaroslaw Krajka Matching Large Mixed-Ability Classes with Reality
Ch. 12 Joy Egbert
Birgitte Brander
A Framework for Situated Online Language Teacher Education: Learning to Engage Diverse Students Through Culturally Responsive CALL
Ch. 13 Heloisa Collins
Maria Antonieta Alba Celani
Addressing Issues in Online Continuing Education
Ch. 14 Cara Preuss Access Denied: Limited Capital for CALL
Ch. 15 Lawan Dalha Unmet Promises, Outmoded Models, and Inadequate Support in Nigeria
Ch. 16 S. Susan Marandi Bravely Stepping Forward: Creating CALL Communities to Support Teachers and Learners in Iran
Ch. 17 Hala Fawzi Bleeding Edge Challenges in Sudan: Limits on Using CALL in EFL Classrooms at the Tertiary Level
Ch. 18 Senem Yildiz
Sibel Tatar
Overcoming Limited Instructional Planning and Vision in Turkish Schools
Ch. 19 Makiko Tanaka Supporting Individual Learning and Interactive CALL
Ch. 20 Vance Stevens Shifting Sands, Shifting Paradigms: Challenges to Developing 21st Century Learning Skills in the United Arab Emirates