Book Series

Publications in the series

2006: Calling on CALL: From Theory and Research to New Directions in Foreign Language Teaching. Lara Ducate and Nike Arnold, eds. 351 pages

2007: Preparing and Developing Technology-proficient L2 Teachers. Margaret Ann Kassen, Roberta Lavine, Kathryn Murphy-Judy, and Martine Peters, eds. 344 pages

2008: Opening Doors through Distance Language Education: Principles, Perspectives, and Practices. Senta Goertler and Paula Winke, eds. 304 pages

2009: The Next Generation: Social Networking and Online Collaboration in Foreign Language Learning. Lara Lomicka and Gillian Lord, eds. 265 pages

2010: CALL in Limited Technology Contexts. Joy Egbert, ed. 242 pages

2011: Present and Future Promises of CALL: From Theory and Research to New Directions in Language Teaching. (Vol 5, 2nd ed.) Lara Ducate and Nike Arnold, eds. 511 pages

2011 Festschrift in Honor of Robert Fischer: Learner-Computer Interaction in Language Education. Philip Hubbard, Mathias Schulze, and Bryan Smith, eds. 279 pages

2012: Technology Across Writing Contexts and Tasks. Greg Kessler, Ana Oskoz, and Idoia Elola, eds. 349 pages

2013: Design-based Research in CALL. Julio Rodriguez and Cristina Pardo-Ballester, eds. 233 pages

2014: Digital Literacies in Foreign and Second Language Education. Janel Pettes Guikema and Lawrence Williams, eds. 288 pages

2015: Researching Language Learner Interactions Online: From Social Media to MOOCs. Edward Dixon and Michael Thomas, eds. 385 pages

Series newly named Advances in CALL Research and Practice:

2016: Landmarks in CALL Research. Greg Kessler, ed. 207 pages

2017: Learner Autonomy and Web 2.0. Marco Cappellini, Tim Lewis, and Annick Rivens Mompean, eds. 235 pages