Nexus: Teaching and Research



Nexus: Teaching and Research

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Ch. 1 Frank L. Borchardt Theory, assessment, praxis: On the body and soul of computer assisted language learning
Ch. 2 Carolyn G. Fidelman Extending the language curriculum with enabling technologies: Nonverbal communication and interactive video
Ch. 3 Françoise Denis Teaching French poetry with Lozanov principles
Ch. 4 V. Melissa Holland Translating linguistic research into teaching: Precaution and promise in the application of natural language processing
Ch. 5 Wilfried Decoo
Jozef Colpaert
The dynamic relation between textbook and educational software in a research based language learning method
Ch. 6 F. R. P. Akehurst Artful dodging
Ch. 7 John Robin Allen The varieties of computational experience in pedagogy
Ch. 8 Mark Warschauer A sociocultural approach to literacy and its significance for CALL
Ch. 9 Debra Hoven Instructional design for multimedia: Towards a learner centered CELL (Computer enhanced language learning module)
Ch. 10 Michelangelo Conoscenti Technological learning environments: From theory to practice
Ch. 11 Lydie E. Meunier Affective factors and cyberteaching: Implications for a postmodern pedagogy
Ch. 12 Kathryn A. Murphy-Judy Literacies for language learners in the information age
Ch. 13 Robert Godwin-Jones Evaluating computer related work: The MLA guidelines revisited
Ch. 14 Lisa A. Frumkes
Nina Garrett
A critique of the MLA guidelines on technology use

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