Sister Organizations & Journals

Sister Organizations

Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (APACALL) Visit APACALL

European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EuroCALL) Visit EuroCALL

In an effort to draw our two organizations closer, CALICO and EUROCALL have agreed to offer discounted memberships to members of the other organization.  In this way, CALICO members might receive EUROCALL membership for €65 and EUROCALL members may receive CALICO membership for $55 annually.  Each membership comes with respective membership benefits for each organization, including electronic access to journal articles.  If you are a EUROCALL member interested in joining CALICO, please submit a membership form.

International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT) Visit IALLT

Japan Association for Language Education and Technology (LET) Visit LET

Japan Association for Language Teaching–CALL Special Interest Group (JALTCALL) Visit JALTCALL

KAMALL – Korean Association of Multimedia-assisted Language Learning Visit KAMALL or KAMALL Journal


PPTELL – Practice and Pedagogy of Technology Enchance Language Learning – Association Visit PPTELL

VietCALL – Vietnamese Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning Visit VietCALL

WorldCALL Visit WorldCALL

Sister Journals

Apprentissage des Langues et Systemes d’Information et de Communication (Alsic) Visit Alsic

Computer Assisted Language Learning Visit CALL Journal

IALLT Journal Visit IALLT Journal

Language Learning & Technology Visit LL&T


System Visit System