Calling on CALL


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Calling on CALL is a valuable addition to any foreign language or second language instructor’s library, whether he/she already has an interest in CALL or not. … Seasoned instructors will be brought up to date on current theories, and new, or preservice, instructors will benefit from highlights of how theory can be applied in instruction. … The book encourages instructors … to consider the reality of technology in modern life and provides them with approaches to technology use that are solidly grounded in current pedagogy, practice, and research.”

Language Learning & Technology, 11 (1), 2007

“a welcome addition to the recent cluster of new publications in the field of computer-assisted language learning (CALL). … The stated aim [of the book] of ‘teacher-friendliness’ becomes evident in the clear emphasis on learning objectives, an emphasis which is used to structure the book and which provides a refreshing change from the more usual structure around application types in CALL.”

System, 35 (1), 2007

Ch. 1 Nike Arnold
Lara Ducate
CALL: Where are we and where do we go from here?
Ch. 2 Christopher Luke Situating CALL in the broader methodological context of foreign language teaching and learning: Promises and possibilities
Ch. 3 Margaret Gonglewski
Stayc DuBravac
Multiliteracy: Second language literacy in the multimedia environment
Ch. 4 Dorothy M. Chun CALL technologies for L2 reading
Ch. 5 Linda C. Jones Listening comprehension in multimedia environments
Ch. 6 Mary Grantham O’Brien Teaching pronunciation and intonation with computer technology
Ch. 7 Liam Murray
Tríona Hourigan
Using micropublishing to facilitate writing in the foreign language
Ch. 8 Zsuzsana I. Abrams From theory to practice: Intracultural CMC in the L2 classroom
Ch. 9 Lara Lomicka Understanding the other: Intercultural exchange and CMC
Ch. 10 Sébastien Dubreil Gaining perspective on culture through CALL
Ch. 11 Nike Arnold Expanding CALL beyond general language classes: The case of courses in language for special purposes
Ch. 12 Nathan T. Carr Computer-based testing: Prospects for innovative assessment
Ch. 13 Philip Hubbard Evaluating CALL software