Distance Language Education

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Ch. 1 Paula Winke
Senta Goertler
An Introduction to Distance Language Learning
Ch. 2 Angelika Kraemer Formats of Distance Learning
Ch. 3 Kara McBride
Kristy Beers Fägersten
Students’ Role in Distance Learning
Ch. 4 Mary E. Wildner-Bassett Teacher’s Role in Computer-mediated Communication and Distance Learning
Ch. 5 Chun Lai
Yong Zhao
Ning Li
Designing a Distance Foreign Language Learning Environment
Ch. 6 Paul A. Lyddon
Tetyana Sydorenko
Assessing Distance Language Learning
Ch. 7 Catherine M. Barrette Program Administration Issues in Distance Learning
Ch. 8 Loreto Sánchez-Serrano Initiation by Fire: Training Teachers for Distance Learning
Ch. 9 Chadia N. Abras
Phyllis M. Sunshine
Implementing Distance Learning: Theories, Tools, Continuing Teacher Education, and the Changing Distance-learning Environment
Ch. 10 Christina Cavella
Margaret E. Malone
Teaching Principles of Assessment Online
Ch. 11 Senta Goertler
Paula Winke
The Effectiveness of Technology-enhanced Foreign Language Teaching
Aaron Ohlrogge
Hyewon Lee
Abbreviated Annotated Bibliography
(Download Full Bibliography, 135 pages [.pdf])
Glossary of Terms