Learner-Computer Interaction/Fischer Festschrift

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Table of Contents
Part I: Colleagues’ Perspectives on Robert Fischer
Introduction to Part I
Revitalizing CALICO— The Bob Fischer Project
Robert Fischer’s Impact on the Language Teaching and Learning Field
Reflection on Robert Fischer in France
How I Met Bob Fischer
The Emergence of a Fruitful Relationship between EUROCALL and CALICO
Robert Fischer: CALICO’s Gentleman Scholar
Part II: Studies in Honor of Robert Fischer
Introduction to Part II
Tools that Detectives Use: In Search of Learner-related Determinants for Usage of Optional Feedback in a Written Murder Mystery
Using Tracking Technologies to Study the Effects of Linguistic Complexity in CALL Input and SCMC Output
Patterns of Interaction between Moderators and Learners during Synchronous Oral Discussions Online in Second Life
Who Blogs? Understanding the Correlation of Personality and Blogging in Cultural Discussions
Tracking Learner Usage of Mobile Phones for Language Learning Ourside of the Classroom
The Design of Effective Mobile-enabled Tasks for ESP Students: A Longitudinal Study
Computer-mediated Grammar Practice and its Effect on Different Language Tasks
Clicking for Help
Effects of Gloss Types on Vocabulary Learning through Reading: Comparison of Single Translation and Multiple-choice Gloss Types
Computer Assisted Vocabulary Learning: Framework and Tracking User Data
Part III: Commentaries in Honor of Robert Fischer
Introduction to Part III
Challenges and Directions of Script-based Tracking in Tutorial CALL
Contributions of Tracking User Behavior to SLA Research
Catalyzing Plurilingualism and University- level Academic Discourse Competence: The Language-Integrated Knowledge Education (LIKE) Approach
Peripatetic Considerations on Research Challenges in CALL