Present and Future Promises of CALL


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Nike Arnold
Lara Ducate
Ch. 1 Nike Arnold
Lara Ducate
Technology, CALL, and the Net Generation: Where are We Headed from Here?
Ch. 2 Bonnie Youngs
Lara Ducate
Nike Arnold
Linking Second Language Acquisition, CALL, and Language Pedagogy
Ch. 3 Zsuzsanna Abrams
Interpersonal Communication in Intracultural CMC
Ch. 4 Richard Robin Listening Comprehension in the Age of Web 2.0
Ch. 5 Dorothy Chun
CALL Technologies for L2 Reading Post Web 2.0
Ch. 6 Idoia Elola
Ana Oskoz
Writing Between the Lines: Acquiring the Presentational Mode through Social Tools
Ch. 7 Sarah Guth
Francesca Helm
Teaching Culture through CALL
Ch. 8 Jonathon Reinhardt
Steven L. Thorne
Beyond Comparisons: Frameworks for Developing Digital L2 Literacies
Ch. 9 Lee Forester
Connecting with CALL: Using Technology to Connect Language Learners with Other Disciplines
Ch. 10 Julie M. Sykes
Christopher L. Holden
Communities: Exploring Digital Games and Social Networking
Ch. 11 Nathan T. Carr
Computer-based Language Assessment: Prospects for Innovative Assessment
Ch. 12 Mary Grantham O’Brien Teaching and Assessing Pronunciation with Computer Technology
Ch. 13 Philip Hubbard
Evaluation of Courseware and Websites
Ch. 14 Gillian Lord
Lara Lomicka
Calling on Educators: Paving the Way for the Future of Technology and CALL
Ch. 15 Senta Goertler
Blended and Open/Online Learning: Adapting to a Changing World of Language Teaching