Technology Across Writing Contexts and Tasks


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Technology Across Writing Contexts and Tasks
Editors: Greg Kessler, Ana Oskoz, and Idoia Elola

ISSN: 1085-2999

Ch. 1 Greg Kessler
Ana Oskoz
Idoia Elola


Ch. 2 Dana R. Ferris Technology and Corrective Feedback for L2 Writers: Principles, Practices, and Problems
Ch. 3 Lara Ducate
Nike Arnold
Computer-mediated Feedback: Effectiveness and Student Perceptions of Screen-casting Software versus the Common Function
Ch. 4 Lina Lee
Linguistic Feedback and Focus on Form through Expert Scaffolding in L2 Blog Writing
Ch. 5 Elena Cotos Towards an Effective Integration and Positive Impact of Automated Writing Evaluation in L2 Writing
Ch. 6 Neomy Storch
Collaborative Writing as a Site for L2 Learning in Face-to-face and Online Modes
Ch. 7 Ana Oskoz
Idoia Elola
Understanding the Impact of Social Tools in the FL Writing Classroom: Activity Theory at Work
Ch. 8 Paige Ware
Brenna Rivas
Technology and Writing Instruction in K-12 Settings


Ch. 9 Mariá Luisa Pérez Cañado
Technology and Foreign Language Writing in Higher Education
Ch. 10 Alan Hirvela
Asian Students’ Academic and Personal Engagement with Technology
Ch. 11 Greg Kessler
Preparing Tomorrow’s Second Language Teachers to Use Technology
Ch. 12 Jeffrey Kuhn
The Noticing of Correct and Incorrect Forms in Lengthier Texts: An ESL Eye-tracking Investigation
Ch. 13 Dawn Bikowski Exploring Nonnative English-speaking Students’ Use of Technology to Improve their Paraphrasing Skills and Avoid Plagiarism
Ch. 14 Sally Jo Behrenwald
Fanfiction Practices in ESL Writing Classrooms
Ch. 15 Steven L. Thorne
Gaming Writing: Supervernaculars, Stylization, and Semiotic Remediation
Ch. 16 Tony Silva
Crissy McMartin-Miller
Tony Cimasko
Recent Scholarship on Technology and Second Language Writing: An Annotated Bibliography