Proposal Reviewing Criteria

Instructions to presenters


A proposal for the poster sessions, presentations, and panel discussions should follow professional standards regarding (a) reflective practitioner research, and (b) theory-driven research. The reflective practitioner research includes, among others, presentations on topics on teacher training, professional standards, publications, and promotion and tenure. It does not include “show and tell” presentations that describe what a presenter has done in the classroom without being informed by a theoretical or practical framework. The theory-driven presentations include quantitative and qualitative research informed by clear theoretical frameworks on any topic.

Proposals should be written according to the guidelines provided in the call, yet stay true to the author’s intentions.

These are the criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposals.



  1.  Timeliness and importance of the topic: CALICO members study a great diversity of interests, although certain topics and areas of research will have greater appeal. Is this topic likely to attract a wide variety of conference participants? Is this topic one that will encourage discussion among conference attendees?
  2.  General presentational outlook: Based on the proposal, is it likely that the content will be presented in an effective, coherent manner that will be comprehensible and useful to the CALICO audience? Are the key points of the presentation clearly outlined?


  1. For theory-driven research


A3. Research background. Is the theoretical framework of the proposal evident? Is the research statement or hypothesis clear and relevant?

A4. Research Design. Does the author provide sufficient information about (1) the participants in the study, (2) data collection, and (3) data analysis procedures? Is the design appropriate for the research questions or hypotheses? Are the findings of the research stated, or if the study has not yet been carried out, are there clear indications of how the findings can be expected to answer the research questions?


  1. For reflective practitioner research


B3. Research background. Does the presentation include an informed description of previous work conducted on this topic? Does it include a clear statement that addresses the issue to be discussed?

B4. Research design. Does the proposal include a clear explanation of a practical approach followed to address the pedagogical issue discussed? Does it include preliminary pedagogical or professional implications? Are the findings likely to be of interest to conference participants?