Converging Realities and Realms of Possibility

May 28-31, 2025, San Diego State University, San Diego (CA)


We are thrilled to announce CALICO 2025, to be held in San Diego, California, May 28–31, 2025, hosted by the Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University. 

San Diego County is home to speakers of over 40 languages and from more than 130 countries. With millions of people moving between the US and Mexico each year, the San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area is the busiest land-border crossing in the world. Inspired by this dynamic backdrop and by the vibrant linguistic and intercultural encounters that take place in this region, our conference theme “Converging Realities and Realms of Possibility” invites participants to explore the evolving landscape of language and technology, and the transformative potential that arises when existing boundaries are transcended or expanded.

Call for proposals

We especially encourage proposals that center language and transcultural learning. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Disruptive and emerging technologies in language education
  • Inclusive CALL and the role of language teachers and learners
  • Opportunities and challenges in augmented, mixed, and virtual realities
  • Generative AI and human-computer interaction for students and teachers
  • Technology in heritage and community language learning
  • Digital literacies and digital citizenship in language education
  • CALL in language revitalization and maintenance
  • New learning modalities in the classroom and informal CALL
  • High- and low-tech environments in language education
  • Virtual exchange and other intercultural encounters

The CALICO conference features five types of presentations. Unless otherwise noted, all presentations should be delivered in English.

  • Hands-on workshop (half day, full day or two day)

Workshops, as the name implies, take place in labs and consist of teaching some hands-on skill to attendees, such as a web/mobile/other application for languages, lesson development using technology for a classroom, or introducing a piece of software to users.

  • Presentation (30 mins)

Individual presentations take place during the two full days of the main conference. These presentations are theory-driven and address quantitative/qualitative studies of language technology, application of technology for classroom use, or any of a range of language technology uses/applications for language acquisition. In order for proposals to be evaluated appropriately, submitters are asked to classify their presentation as:

– Empirical Research (e.g., data-based experimental work) or
– Classroom Report (e.g., practice-based reports).

  • Panel (75 mins)

Panel presentations involve various presenters offering multiple views of a specific topic. The longer time allows for more in-depth coverage than in an individual session.

  • Technology Showcase presentation

Technology Showcase presentations take place the first or second night of the main conference in a more informal setting — all presenters in a large room presenting simultaneously (no projection) while attendees may approach to discuss topics individually.  Demonstration-based presentations work well as Showcase presentations.

  • Poster presentation

Poster presentations are scheduled during the Opening or during the Showcase time and follow the same format: simultaneous presentations, with attendees approaching to discuss topics individually.

Submitting your proposal

The deadline for submitting your abstract proposal is October 31, 2024. All proposals should be submitted using the CALICO website. Presenters will be notified of acceptance in early December.

The first step in submitting a proposal is logging into or creating a user account for the CALICO website. Once you are logged in, click on “CALICO Conference” on the top menu bar, then “Submit a proposal” from the resulting drop-down menu. If you have an account but do not recall the username, it is most likely your full email address. Keep in mind the login is case sensitive. You may also reset the password of an existing account using the link under the login boxes.

You may return to edit a submitted proposal as needed until the submission deadline of October 31.


CALICO 2025 will be hosted by San Diego State University’s Language Acquisition Resource Center (SDSU-LARC). The SDSU Main Campus will be the location for all conference events.

Program committee

  • Conference chairs
    • Mery Díez-Ortega – Stanford University
    • Oksana Vorobel – Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York
  • Local hosts
    • Mari Ocando Finol – San Diego State University
    • Mat Schulze – San Diego State University
  • Technology coordinators
    • Daniel Meyers – Miami University, Ohio
    • Robin Couture-Matte – Université Téluq, Canada