Conference Workshops Seattle

Workshops take place over two days before the ‘regular’ presentations begin on Thursday. These workshops are a great way to get hands-on experience across a number of amazing CALL-related topics, with the workshop leaders including some of the most amazing people from our field. You can register for the workshops on the main conference registration page ( The small fee for these workshops will be well worthwhile, so take advantage of these workshops by scheduling your flight a day or two early!

Tuesday, May 31


Critical Thinking, Task Engagement, and Learning with Educational Escape Rooms

Conducted by: Joy Egbert, Seyed Abdollah Shahrokni, Sandra Mina-Herrera and Sarah Movius

An educational escape room is a team-based, f2f experience with digital support. During an escape, participants interact with language and content in order to solve puzzles and reach a goal within a time limit. Educational escape rooms can address task engagement, critical thinking, and focused learning. This workshop will provide a pedagogical framework, involve participants in an escape, and show them why and how to build their own.


CANCELED Walking the Land: Footsteps toward Impactful Place-based Language Learning

Conducted by: Lara Lomicka and Liudmila Klimanova

Learning about a culture does not happen in isolation from the place and space where culture is maintained, practiced, and/or contested. Local investigation of a place and space allows instructors to challenge the ideologies of monolithic cultures and engage students in building a holistic understanding of places where the character, history, and needs of a place emerge more vividly (Demarest, 2014; Gruenewald, 2003; Klimanova & Hellmich, 2021; Knapp, 2007). In this workshop we offer an overview of place-based pedagogies and engage participants in culturally rich and linguistically diverse spaces around Seattle to learn how local heritage, cultural practices, and linguistic landscapes can serve as the basis for teaching languages and intercultural concepts. CANCELED


FanTALES – Getting Ready for Multilingual Interactive Fanfiction Writing in Language Teaching and Learning

Conducted by: Frederik Cornillie and Shannon Sauro

The potential of informal online practices around literary texts is largely untapped for the teaching and learning of language and literature in the modern languages classroom. This workshop introduces you to materials developed by the FanTALES project ( which set out to leverage practices from online communities for fanfiction writing and narrative games (interactive fiction) as well as concepts from multilingualism to promote the learning of language, literature, intercultural dialogue, and new media literacies. You will work in groups, both unplugged and online. No prior knowledge is required. Please bring a large-screen device that can connect wirelessly to the internet (ideally a laptop).

Wednesday, June 1


Technology-mediated Tasks and Tools to Promote Community and Multicultural Understanding in the Additional Language Classroom

Conducted by: Shayna Katz

With the technologies available today, teachers are now able to access a variety of multimodal tools in order to create tasks that foster student collaboration, multicultural understanding, and a sense of connectedness with peers and teachers in the additional language (AL) classroom (Gonzalez-Lloret, 2020). Authentic real-world tasks using Web 2.0 tools engage students in meaningful interactions and provide opportunities for them to take initiative in the construction of their learning (Chong & Reinders, 2020; Long, 2015). As such, this workshop will present several strategies to add authentic technologies and real-world tasks onto a single co-constructed platform: Google Sites.


CANCELED Developing a Game-centered L2 Content Module

Conducted by: Jeremy Robinson

In this workshop participants will create a short module for a language course with a central part of that module being a game they create themselves during the workshop. Participants will be introduced to Bitsy, a free development tool to create this game. Bitsy has a shallow learning curve, and is designed to create short games with a narrative focus and minimalistic graphics. In the process of creating this module, participants will play Bitsy games, go through the process together on a sample game, and will then Design, develop, and publish their own module including their own Bitsy game. CANCELED


The Ozobot and Universal Design for Learning: Supporting Students and Teachers in the 21st Century

Conducted by: Joann Arinder and Preyadarshini Panday Shukla

This is a hands-on workshop where teachers will learn how to bring together the Ozobot, the Principles of universal design for learning (UDL), and the topic of their choice to reach their lesson objectives. This way, teachers will be able to better support their students by combining the content that they teach with the Ozobot and providing multiple ways of engagement, representation, and action and expression to help their students to be successful in their learning.