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Gaming SIG Newsletter

 Issue 40

Aug 27, 2021

Jeremy A. Robinson (Chair)

Jakob Johnson (Associate Chair)

Jeff Maloney (Outgoing Chair)




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– SIG PROJECT SPOTLIGHT – Innspekter Moris

Jeremy A. Robinson

In the upcoming months and years, it is the hope that each week we can highlight some kind of game related project that someone in the CALICO Gaming SIG is working on. Please contact us if you have something you can share!


A project that I am working on at Gustavus Adolphus College with two of my student workers is a game called Innspekter Moris.In this game, set in the island nation of Mauritius, you play as an inspector who travels to numerous locations throughout the country, interviewing people on the street with the hope that you will be able to save the country from the threat of an ecological disaster. The pedagogical goal of the game is to help the player learn about Mauritius’s unique culture and history, and also help the learner develop linguistic skills in French, English, or Mauritian Kreol. 


This scene’s background image is modeled from Marie Reine de la Paix: GPS My City (size reduction apparent from original).
Original image from Marie Reine de la Paix by Carrotmadman6. July 11, 2006. (CC-BY 2.0)


D. Melanie Kistnasamy is my student worker from Mauritius, and has the primary responsibility for writing scripts and dealing with cultural matters. Sanjeeda Shutrishna is my student artist, and my role is design and development. We are modeling background art from images we have taken ourselves, received permission to use, or which fall under some other licencing. We are also working with some musicians in Mauritius to create background audio tracks matching each of the different locations. 


This has been an interesting project so far, and it has been fun to learn a bit more about Mauritius. We have also completed a couple of smaller projects related to Mauritius, if you are interested in playing them. Les villes cachées de L’île Maurice is a short game aimed at beginning French learners, which teaches geography and location words. Journée d’un travailleur engagé (French) and Lazourne enn travayer angaze (Kreol) are authorized translations of Journey of an Indentured Laborer an interesting project “designed to give players a snapshot of what life might have been like for an South Asian indentured laborers during the nineteenth century.”



Upcoming 2021 Conferences


Sep 2-24, 2021

European Conference on Games Based Learning


Oct 7-8, 2021

Joint Conference on Serious Games

Stoke-on-Trent, UK & Virtual

Nov 19-21, 2021

ACTFL Convention


Dec 1-3, 2021

Games and Learning Alliance Conference 

La Spezia, Italy & Virtual?

Dec 16-18, 2021

GLoCALL Conference

Globalization & Localization in Computer-Assisted Language Learning


2022 Conferences


~Feb 2022

MWALLT Conference

MidWest Association for Language Learning Technology

Likely Hybrid

Mar 21-25, 2022

Game Developers Conference

San Francisco

Mar 22-25, 2022

TESOL Convention 

Pittsburg & Virtual

~May 2022



May 30-Jun 4, 2022



~June 2022



June 26-29, 2022

ISTE Edtech Conference

International Society for Technology in Education

New Orleans

~July 2022

Connected Learning Summit


~July 2022

Games for Change Festival


~July 2022


International Conference on Gamification & Serious Game


~Aug 2022

EUROCALL Conference

European Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning


~Aug 2022

Play Make Learn 

Madison, Wisconsin

Oct 13-15, 2022

International Conference on Meaningful Play

East Lansing, Michigan




Game Jams are short, friendly contests to develop a game within a given amount of time, often requiring participants to adhere to certain themes or limitations. Consider participating in a Game Jam to practice your development skills, or often you can also take part in these by playing submitted games and judging, even if you don’t create a game yourself (also a great task for language learning students!). There are a wealth of ongoing game jams which are primarily in English (See, but there are also jams focusing on other languages. Below are some which are upcoming. If you are aware of others (especially in additional languages), please let us know!




Oct 21-Oct 24

PlayBern Utopian Game Jam



Aug 27- Sep 6

Una Jam Diversa | ITA



Aug 18- Sep 1

Tu juego a juicio Jam 2021

Sep 1- Sep 4

Ikimiuki GameJam 2021

Aug 1-Sep 11

Mejorando Ando – Agosto 2021

Sep 20- Sep 27

Spain Game Devs Jam III

Oct 1- Oct 3

TODO Game Jam #3



Aug 15-Sep 11

Games de Paradigmas de Program

Sep 18- Oct 31

GaraJam Caneta & Papel



Here are some recent articles which you might be interested in reading:


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