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Engaging Language Learners through CALL

From Theory and Research to Informed Practice

Edited by Nike Arnold and Lara Ducate

Nike Arnold is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University in Oregon, USA.

Lara Ducate a Professor of German and Applied Linguistics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, USA.

2019 444pp 234 x 156mm Illus. pb ISBN 9781781798287

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Engaging Language Learners through CALL provides an updated overview of the field of computer-assisted language learning beginning with one chapter on the intersection of second language acquisition (SLA) research and CALL and another on online and hybrid language courses. The next eight chapters focus on the use of CALL for specific language skills or other learning goals and the volume concludes with a discussion of ways to evaluate courseware and apps. Each chapter contains preview questions, an overview of the most relevant and recent research, implications for teaching, assessment options, questions for reflection, case studies, and ideas for action research.

While the fundamental lens for this volume is informed practice based on key theories and research, there are several themes that run throughout the chapters, including how technology creates unique learning opportunities and its ability to overcome constraints of time, space, and interlocutors, how CALL can facilitate the integration of applications originally developed for other purposes, and the high level of autonomous and student-centered activities that CALL provides. As these themes demonstrate, CALL provides an array of affordances and sometimes, challenges. It is our hope that this volume will continue to support readers in implementing a research-based CALL pedagogy and updating their practices as technology and research findings develop.


Introduction – Nike Arnold, Lara Ducate

  1. The Theories and Practices of SLA in CALL – Bonnie L. Youngs
  2. Normalizing Online Learning: Adapting to a Changing World of Language

    Teaching – Senta Goertler

  3. Culture and CALL – Sarah Guth, Francesca Helm
  4. Technology-enhanced Listening: How does it Look and What can we Expect? –

    Maribel Montero Perez

  5. CALL and L2 Reading: Current Research and Application – Alan Taylor
  6. Digital Literacies as Emergent Multifarious Repertoires – Jonathon Reinhardt,

    Steven L Thorne

  7. Writing between the Lines: Acquiring Writing Skills and Digital Literacies through Social Tools – Ana Oskoz, Idoia Elola
  8. Interpersonal Communication in Intracultural CMC – Zsuzsanna Abrams
  9. Targeting Pronounciation (and Perception) with Technology

    – Mary Grantham O’Brien

  10. Communities: Exploring Digital Games and Social Networking – Julie Sykes,

    Christopher L. Holden, Stephanie Knight

  11. Evaluation of Courseware/Tutorial Apps and Online Resource Websites – Philip Hubbard

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