Virtual Worlds

Upcoming Event Announcement:

Thursday, March 12 (that’s tomorrow!) discussion about high- and low-immersion interactions in virtual reality. 
Links to the paper we’ll be discussing and to the Zoom meeting can be found at:
We’ll begin at 11 AM Eastern, which is 4 o’clock in the afternoon in Central Europe.

Welcome to the Virtual Worlds SIG! We are interested in virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, and language learning.

We put out a newsletter every couple months and occasionally meet virtually, either via videoconference or in Second Life, to discuss topics in the field or just to socialize.

We’ve also been building a website of resources:

Please contact the chair if you are interested in receiving our newsletter, participating in our online events, or adding a resource to our website!

Lisa Frumkes (, Current Chair

Regina Kaplan-Rakowski, Incoming Chair

Peggy Hartwick, Past Chair

Randall Sadler and Thom Thibeault, Even-More-Past Chairs