2024 Conference Workshops (Face to Face)


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These workshops will take place on the Carnegie Mellon University campus face-to-face, on May 21, 22 or 25. Choose an option to see a description or visit the Workshops page for the full listing.

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Hands-On Workshops

Immersive Reality Exploration: Low Immersion, High Immersion, and Mixed Reality, Harnessing AI and Digital Tools for Developing Custom Flipped Teaching Materials, Universal Design for Learning for Language Instruction, Understanding AI for Classroom Language Assessment: A Research-informed Approach, Leveraging AI in Pedagogical Web Applications: A Theoretical and Practical Intersection with Hands-on Tutorial, Code-free Craft: Empowering Educators to Create Language Learning Games with Construct 3, Collaborating, Creating and Contributing to AR/MR Applications in Foreign Language Learning, Using H5P Content for Language Learning and Practice, It is Game Time! Come and Discover the Joy of Learning and Teaching with Games, AI-based Comprehensive Educator Toolkit: Magic School